Why You Should Almost Never Talk About Religion Or Politics

When you were young, do you remember your dad or mom telling you to never talk to anyone about religion or politics? We’ve all heard that one of course, but when you heard it, did you think “Why did she that?”, “What are politics?”, What’s Religion?”, “Why shouldn’t I talk about these things?” That’s our topic for today boys and girls, why you should almost never talk about religion or politics.

To start with, let’s take a broad look at the statement. When you scrutinize what mom or dad told you not to talk about, the answer seems obvious. If you start a conversation with a friend, or for heaven’s sake with someone you don’t know very well, and you actually have an opinion on either of these subjects, you’re more than likely treading on thin ice. Why? Because personal opinions about religion and politics are generally at the core of just about everybody’s worldview. These beliefs are also likely to be the very foundation of their being and if your ideas about them are not in sync with theirs, it is an easy way to offend someone. So Rule # 1 is, only talk about religion or politics to someone that you know thinks the same way you do. Rule # 2 is, if you’re not sure, only talk about religion or politics with people you don’t mind pissing off.

Let me give you an example of both of these rules. I used to be a financial planner. In talking with clients, I generally never brought personal matters up. I always had specific goals in mind when I sat down with clients and that was to help them protect themselves from financial loss. In my job as a financial planner, I sold insurance, annuities, mutual funds, health care and revocable living trusts to accomplish these goals. I never ever talked with clients about personal subjects or my beliefs.

I also had a partner at that time. His name is not important, but I liked working with the guy initially, that is until I got to know him better. After about a year or so of working with him, I couldn’t stand to be around him. Why? Because we were total opposites, both intellectually and spiritually. He aggravated me so much that I dissolved our partnership and we parted ways. It was either that or one of us would end up in jail. I’ll let you use your imagination here as to why.

But the real question is why do people have such a reaction because of differences in their ideas and beliefs? The answer is really quite simple. There are two types of people in this world, people that believe truth is absolute and those that believe all truth is relative. Here’s a simple example of what I am talking about. Is murdering someone wrong? Absolutely it’s wrong, always. What if you killed a criminal who was attacking you or someone you loved, is that wrong? The answer is no of course not because you were defending an innocent life, yours or a loved one. Murder is the complete opposite, the taking of a life because you can.

Let’s come at this question from a different angle. Is the God of the Bible real and did He create man and the universe? Or, as many people believe, are you and the universe just the result of some random accident or cosmic chance? Looking at this question closely, there are only two choices available and the implications of this choice are personally staggering. If you determine that you and the universe are the results of nothing more than a random accident or cosmic chance then it also follows that: (1) there is no creator for you to answer to; that (2) your life and actions will have no personal or spiritual consequence; and (3) there is no absolute truth or purpose to your life. In addition, the truth will always be relative to your personal situation; and (4) in the final analysis your life will be viewed as completely meaningless and without consequence since it was an accident in the first place. Ultimately your death will hold no more significance than a candle being snuffed out. If the “life is a random accident scenario” prevails in your worldview, then the law of the jungle will apply in your life because your actions or reactions to all of life’s situations will only be based on your self-interest. This conclusion is inescapable.

Personally, I have concluded just the opposite, that truth is indeed absolute and never relative. As to the question of whether God is real or not, the answer is, of course He is real. Look at the stars in the night sky or look into a loved one’s eyes; do you really believe they were just an accident? No one in their right mind would conclude that. God is Love and if you are a believer, you should always be focused on His love for you and for all of mankind.