Theft and Destruction by the Powerbrokers

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Cyprus is bankrupt. How did this happen and who gets to pay for it?  The people responsible for paying are ordinary working people, not the people that caused it. The people that caused it are the banksters and the elitists working for the global visa card, the IMF. When you cut through all the crap related to this story the banksters are the very people that initiated this global train wreck not only in Europe but also in America. They all have been and are engaged in the massive fraud of creating money out of thin air, lending it to anyone with the ability to pay back the money that was never lent, and then charging interest on the loan of the non-existent funds. These guys make the mob look like pikers. Could this kind of thing happen in America? You bet it could; it’s already being discussed.

What’s wrong with this picture, how about everything? What infuriates me is the fact that these gangsters, whether they be your local banker or brokerage house or your global banker, act like they actually loan you, some physical asset of value, even though all that is done is to create a digital entry on a computer system somewhere. You get loaned digital  nothingness. It doesn’t matter if you are a country wanting 50 billion Euros or you are an American getting 50 thousand Dollars for a home, the scam is all the same digital entries in a computer to create the non-existent money. The cost to the bank, zero dollars; the cost to you, everything.

When are people going to wake up and realize that the very people we put in control of governments around the world are the very people that ought to be put in prison for this massive fraud. If you or I did this kind of scam you would be put in the deepest darkest hole imaginable and the key would be thrown in the river. To the uninitiated this scam has been going on globally since about 1915 and it is just now that the cows are coming home. The truth is however the cows aren’t coming home they are headed over a cliff.

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