Target Audience – Article Ideas

Target Audience

The target audience for God, The Universe And Darwin are Deists and Christians interested in the issue of mankind’s origins. This subject has taken on increased interest and curiosity as a result of new discoveries in the physical sciences of biology, astronomy and cosmology. Included in this target audience group are Darwin advocates whose ideas are coming under increasing skepticism for exactly the same reasons. The book has gotten reviews from Darwinist and some Christians who don’t want to discuss the issue at all they only want to attack the book and the author. This has made the book and the author a hot topic interest.

Article Ideas


An article on the role of information as a major component in the origin of life and where information fits into the Darwinian idea of evolution and natural selection would be a natural. Where did information come from? Is information a product or by product of matter?

The role of DNA in the origin of life is another topic of interest. Since, it has been found that DNA is solely responsible for all cellular replication, it follows that without DNA there is no replication and without replication there is no natural selection and without natural selection of course there is no evolution. As a consequence of this fact, Darwinists can’t use replication, natural selection and evolution to explain the origin of DNA. By doing that Naturalists would initially have to assume the existence of the very thing they are trying to explain.

Anthropic Principle

The conclusions of deliberate design found in the Anthropic Principle have their genesis in recent knowledge that the universe was only made physically possible by the settings of approximately 30 or so fundamental relationships and constants in physics. These fundamental physical constants, like the force of gravity and the strength of the strong nuclear force, describe not only how the universe works but also how it will ultimately behave.

What has recently been recognized about these forces and their settings is that if there were only minor changes in as few as one or two of the constants, these changes would make carbon based life and the observable universe impossible. This revelation has provided a strong indication that there was deliberate design behind the creation of the universe and the further proposition that this design was purposeful and not random.