On Being An Author and Crowd Funding.

My story actually started many years ago. In high school I was a star musician. I was a tuba player. Sounds weird but I had a musical knack and I was quite good at that bulky instrument. I was so good I went to music school to study with the thought of being in a major orchestra. What happened though was I drifted into pop and rock music and took up the electric bass. Thus began my pop music career. I became so desired as a bass player that I toured with some rather large groups back in the 70s as a sideman; I also did production work and studio recording. Because I got tired of traveling all the time, in my 30s I left the music scene and got into the business arena. I became involved in financial planning and insurance. I also got married and had a family; life was good. That was until about twelve years ago.

At that time I was struck down with Multiple Sclerosis; I was 49 years old when that happened. When I go MS the good life part came to a screeching halt along with all the income I made. Part of the problem with my MS is I am now unable to walk. To compound my problem my wife was also completely disabled from a terrible accident shortly after my MS diagnosis. On the plus side I did reconnect with my Christian roots during my early years dealing with this disease.

About six months ago I was over come by the thought and the spirit of putting my knowledge and experience to work by writing and publishing books with a Christian perspective and message. I have been writing essentially all my life and I am a strong believer in God moving you where you are most needed so I paid attention to my inspiration. As a Christian what better venue I thought than books to get the message out. This could also be a mission statement from me to believers and non-believers alike.

My first work was just recently published on Kindle. The title is “God, The Universe And Darwin.” It is a unique presentation on the question of mans origins. The book actually started out as a research project and then turned into a book as a result of the startling information I uncovered concerning Darwin’s theories and new discoveries in the physical sciences that related to mans origins. These new discoveries actually point to man and the universe as being created by God.

I was introduced to crowd funding quite by accident. A friend told me about it and I thought why not. Becoming a known or recognized writer of whatever genre you are drawn to is a long and slow process. As my process evolves I still have to try and support my wife and myself. Since I am unable to work and am pretty much confined indoors because of my lovely disease I thought this might be an answer for me. I have great faith in my ability and the fact that others will be drawn to my books and I also have faith that God has drawn me to this funding arena for a reason.

As a special bonus to all the folks that choose to help me I am sending a free copy of my latest book for you to read. Prior to your decision you may also go to my author website and look at the press page for more information on my present book and me. The web address is www.richardwoodling.com once there click on the Press Page and go to the clickable links for more information.

© Richard Woodling 2012