God The Universe And Darwin Description

If you have ever asked “Where did I come from?” and “Why am I here?” you will find it hard to put “God, The Universe And Darwin” down. If you are a Christian you will be thrilled to learn about groundbreaking discoveries pouring in from the sciences that confirm the words in the Bible. If you are an evolutionist this book should give you pause to reconsider your position.

Today millions of people believe that the universe, the Earth and all the life on it evolved according to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Most people, though, are unaware that evolution has only been accepted as true because Darwin’s theories have been universally declared as non-disputable fact. All other evidence to the contrary has been ignored or rejected. What is little known about this is that none of Darwin’s theories are correct and there is a growing legion of scientists who have completely rejected evolution as not only highly improbable but scientifically unprovable.

What Richard Woodling brings to this debate is an easy and concise explanation of the science behind not only Darwin’s theories but also Special Creation. The book is unique as it is set in the venue of a trial with each side presenting their best evidence on the principles fundamental to our origin. You the reader are put in the role of final judge and jury to decide which side’s testimony is likely correct. Being over two years in the making the facts uncovered about the true nature of the evolution and creation debate are astounding.