God, The Universe And Darwin Reviews

“The author presents 2 sides of the Naturalist vs Creationist view, in a well-reasoned and thoroughly documented statement of both positions. The presentation of the physical evidence supporting intelligent design was presented objectively, and explained clearly….Other reviewers state that the author’s explanation of the Physics involved is too simplistic. Ever read Isaac Asimov’s non-fiction? For example, his volume Asimov on Science? I guess you could call Asimov’s work “simplistic” also, in that Asimov was able to make some rather esoteric subjects accessible to the rest of us. In other words, I fear that some reviewers are confusing “simplistic” with “clearly stated”. For example, Woodling’s definition and comparison of the Copernican versus the Anthropic Principles is one of the best explanations I’ve run across.”

“Simply stated, the author has presented for his readers a remarkably compelling argument containing recent discoveries in science that inhibits any reasonable and rationale pro evolution stance.”

“The facts presented were well explained, well documented, and the book is truly a great source of research on this subject. I highly recommend reading this book if you have any desire to know both sides of the debate: did we arrive here by happenstance or was there a Creative Force behind what we are and what we see.”
“Richard Dawkins claims that Evolution is a fact and then attacks religion for saying otherwise. Dawkins blinds readers to the fact that it is not religion that opposes evolution but real science! Woodling puts forward the scientific argument and shatters the myth that science supports evolution once and for all.”
“This is the most fantastic discussion of this subject I have ever heard or read. The conclusion amounts to scientific proof of a God created universe.”
“In this book, Woodling clearly lays out the arguments for and against Darwin’s view of how life started. I challenge readers to select the case for God creating this world as he clearly shows the truth.”

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