Future Book Projects

Working Title: Private Contracts The Ultimate In Personal Protection

Synopsis: This book is about how to craft and use private contracts. Private contracts can be used by individuals to lease, sell or rent property, engage personal services or work, craft a marriage  contract, and a variety of other  uses.

What most people are not aware of is that the courts in America as well as just about every aspect of life in this country are all governed by contract law. Most of the contracts Americans are bound and obligated to are public contracts. All public contracts fall under the jurisdiction of public law. Private contracts, on the other hand, are just what they seem, they are private and are governed by private law. The law they fall under is the law of the contract. Private contracts are outside of public law but in case of a breach the courts can be used to enforce them. They are the ultimate tool in protection and flexibility.

Working Title: Our Gift From St. Petersburg

Synopsis: This book is about my wife and myself. Our marriage and our journey to St. Petersburg, Russia from Ft. Worth, Texas to adopt our son Robert.  The book will take you through our lives together and the lives of all the people that crossed our paths on this suspenseful journey to get our son out of an orphanage in St. Petersburg and back to America. It was a harrowing adventure filled with anticipation, lies, hope, treachery, despair, defeat, and finally redemption from a most unexpected source.