Contract, Contract Who’s Got Your Contract?

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You and I are very lucky to live in a time of unprecedented discovery both scientific and technological. We are witness to achievements never before realized in the annals of civilization. For the first time in recorded history the common man has at his disposal creature comforts of every kind and description. If we want and desire something, the things that we want and desire are easily within our ability to acquire.

The fundamental change that precipitated this new paradigm is simply that most of us in the Western Hemisphere don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. The acquisition of the prerequisites of life, food and shelter, do not consume all of our daily time and energy. All we seemingly have to worry about is what football game to watch or what movie we want to see next. As a Nation we are rich with accomplishments and victories. We have defeated Communism, we have conquered the Moon, and we are the most powerful nation on Earth. We are at a stage in our history and cultural development where we are fat with success.

Partly as a result of this congratulatory self esteem, we as a nation have become secure in the belief that we are superior and free; that we live in a society governed by Democratic rule. While reveling in our achievements though, we have lost sight of the fact that we have become greedy and intellectually lazy. We have also failed to recognize that while our attention was diverted elsewhere, we have been bound in chains and enslaved.

One of the most ingenious ways ever devised by man to enslave his fellow man is for the master to bind the slave and then convince the slave he is still free. A slave who is convinced he is free will work three times as hard for the master as a slave who knows he is a slave, won’t he? Once the slave is convinced of his freedom, the master can then put the slave out to pasture like a poor cow and make use of him and his labor. Under such a scheme, the slave is never conscious of his bondage. The shackles he wears are invisible. How is this possible…by using the chains of contract. By binding the slave with contract obligations the slave is convinced beyond all doubt that he is free. He does not see his chains. He perceives he is free because life, from his perspective, is straightforward and simple. The slave does what he wants. He buys what he wants. It is easy for him to acquire all the creature comforts he desires with the money and credit the master supplies. He owns a vehicle, has a mortgage on his residence, he pays his taxes, he has a savings and a bank account and can travel where he pleases. He is, by all tests of the senses, a free man! He is also convinced of other “truths” he sees around him that reinforce these beliefs. He knows with certainty that the courts and the police are there to protect him and to jail criminals. He learned from the “Perry Mason” show that if he has a legal problem, a lawyer will serve and protect his interests. He sees on “The People’s Court.” that the courts and judges dispense justice. He learned in the public schools he attended way back that the government belongs to the people. He also learned that his government is Democratic and is there to protect his interests. He votes for the candidate of his choice on election day. He is full of himself. He is confident. He is blinded by the world around him.

How did you become a slave? No one came and bound you in chains yet bound in chains you are. It was done with guile and with purpose using adhesion contracts. These are the invisible chains you carry; the enforceable bonds of contractual obligation. Make no mistake, if you stray from your obligations you will pay. You will be tried in a federal administrative court for your failure to uphold your contract. These courts are not judicial but procedural. They are this way for a reason; to enforce your contract obligations.

Did the people put up a fight as they were made legal “persons,” enslaved and thrown into contractual bondage by the very authorities they looked to for protection?  No, because the people were most agreeable to this new arrangement. Why, because they were promised limited liability and something for nothing. Greed was the master’s primary tool to motivate the people and greed was the people’s ultimate downfall. By using greed to motivate you into contract and then coercing you to acquiesce to that contract, the master has guided every thing around you to your detriment and to his advantage. The master used the something for nothing carrot and you agreed to the new arrangement by your silence. What is something for nothing? Look around you at the examples and remember. Prior to the market and housing crash it was “Buy a new car with no money down at 1% APR” “Buy a new home with no money down.” “Earn 8.5% interest on our Certificate of Deposit” Open a NOW bank account at 5.75% Interest. These are just some of the carrots that have been used to enslaved you. What about now? Nothing has really changed other than now millions of Americans are buried under piles of debt they find difficult or impossible to dig themselves out of. If you look around the traps for your greed are still everywhere. Turn on the television; pick up the newspaper. It’s a buy now and pay later world. Enslaving you with your greed and turning your labor into the master’s profit is the order of the day. It is the best laid trap ever conceived.

© Richard Woodling 2013