About Me

Pop2Hi, I’m Richard. I was born in 1951 in Nagoya, Japan. That happened because my dad was stationed there in the Army Air Corps as part of the occupation forces in Japan after WWII. Prior to that he served in the eighth Air Force in England as a copilot of a B-17 flying fortress. That’s a picture of my Dad playing golf at his B-17 base in England. He loved golf. I think that picture was taken around 1943. Looking at it I have trouble getting my head around the fact that’s my 22 year old dad who was in England for the sole purpose of flying a B-17 and bombing Germany! Yikes!

Because of his service in the Air Corps during the war and his continued service in the Strategic Air Command afterwards we traveled all over the world. Being an Air Force brat I never lived anywhere very long. I hated it and to this day the thought of moving anywhere makes me ill. When my dad finally retired in 1961 I was 10 years old and the family left Nebraska and moved to Denton Texas; a nice little college town north of Dallas. I was only then that I was able to put down roots and make dome lasting friends.

My Interests

In school I was a very curious and was always interested in finding out the truth about things. I was also drawn towards both the arts and sciences. I was fascinated with just about everything scientific especially astronomy. I also had a creative streak in me that lead me into studying music. In my twenties I found myself in the music business as a performer, recording artist and producer.

My curiosity about the way things really worked is also what prompted me to start writing. I had always wanted to write a book and “God, The Universe and Darwin” is the culmination of that desire. You should go to the sales page and read part of it. If you Like what you see, buy a copy. It’s only ten bucks. You may even learn something and that’s not a bad thing.

Along with my book my main passion in writing is doing copywriting. But not just any kind of copywriting, I focus on copywriting for information marketers. You can learn more about this by clicking on this hyperlink.